Devin Townsend Review

Devin Townsend & BandLast night I had the great pleasure of seeing Devin Townsend perform at The Factory in Marrickville. This is my review.

He’s brilliant.

A Mad Genius you might say.

I’m not really a metal fan, but his songwriting and musicianship are so good you can’t not be impressed.

So much energy.

So profane, so funny.

Pity the PA lacked definition. Perhaps I’m spoiled by listening to all his studio stuff, and I don’t expect a live show to sound like the CD, but I would’ve liked to be able to make out some of the incredible detail he gets in the songs.

But I’m not complaining. After a while I stopped worrying about it and just fist-pumped and devil-horned in the air with everyone else.

Didn’t head bang though, I’m old and it hurts.

If you haven’t heard his stuff, go and buy Addicted or Ki. The former because it’s a great album of brilliantly written and executed pop tunes, the latter because it’s a terrific prog-rock-metal listening album that’ll take you on a journey from start to end. All with stunning musicianship, produced by an obvious perfectionist and expert at his craft.

Footnote: Meshugga came on after DT and I watched a few songs but then retired outside. Never having heard them before I decided I’d gotten the gist – I appreciate their technicality but I have to admit, I prefer melodies to growling…