Severed Heads – My Role In Their Downfall Pt 2

(This is a continuation of random addled thoughts in Part 1)

It’s a funny thing, going from fan-boy to band-member. It’s even funnier to be dragged out of nearly 10 years of musical inactivity to tour with a band that’s retiring after 30 years.. and, what’s more, in support of an act that’s showing no sign of retiring after 30 years. What does that mean?

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Severed Heads – My Role In Their Downfall Pt 1

Sometime back in ’84 or ’85 I was rudely awakened from a suburban torpor – the soundtrack of which had been provided by a steady diet of Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and any other ‘cosmic’ music I could get my hands on. The awakening happened when my best friend returned from his visit to the far away city of Sydney with wild and shocking stories; prostitutes in Kings Cross, squats in Newtown, and a gig he went to that blew his mind so much he went out and bought the record the next day despite already having nothing to eat but slices of white bread for the whole week. Continue reading