My Eyes!

So there’s this show coming up and I decided I really don’t want to use Logic as a live instrument again – it’s entirely the wrong tool for the job. Mainstage would be nice but I don’t get paid enough to justify forking out for the full Logic Studio, and I wouldn’t be doing much else with it anyway, given how little music of my own I do these days. So I did a bit of googling last night and found a few contenders in the “performance-oriented VST/AU Host” category.

Including Jambalaya. Now, I’m sure the developer is a very nice person, and I appreciate all the work they’ve done on this free tool – it worked right out-of-the-box on my new hardware. But seriously. How can anyone look at it for more than 30 seconds without getting a headache?

..and so, with yet another reminder that good programmers do not make good UI designers, the search continues.

Update: I bought Logic Pro, with Mainstage. Ten days before Apple released it for 1/3 the price. Assholes.