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I’ll attempt to add to the great google help-desk in the sky by posting my geekier moments here. I doubt it’ll be of interest to anyone unless they’ve also had trouble frobulating with gargleplex version 3..

iTunes Ping – First Impressions

So. iTunes 10.3 is out. (Oh look, I blinked and 10.3.1 is out)

About time I take a look at this Ping business, I suppose. Ok. What can I do here that doesn’t involve following Lady GaGa?

I know. Devin Townsend’s got a new album coming out, I’ll follow him. Hmm. No Ping button on his artist page. No Social Media links at all. Ok, fair enough, Devy may well not be into that and I can’t blame him. Who else might be on here[1].

Switch back to store front page. Oh look. Mr Vedder has a thing with a Ukulele? That’ll be .. interesting. Click through. Hmm. Not bad, but not for me. Can I Tell a (uke playing) Friend.. Oh. OK. No Tell A Friend button on this page.

This isn’t boding well. Fortunately, Macosxhints can help.


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  1. I don’t know because I rarely look at the music section of The Store. I’ve never bought any music from it, mostly because I prefer to own a physical object, and – irrationally I know – I distrust the digital download model. Just call me old fashioned.